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Cruise Newport Beach Presents:
7 Reasons to Rent a Yacht (Aside from Partying)

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Over the years, yachts have become synonymous with partying on the open water. We‘ve all seen pictures of celebrities and athletes having huge blowout parties on these massive boats. However, even if this kind of celebration isn‘t your cup of tea, we have seven reasons you should definitely rent a yacht.


If you‘re trying to think of a romantic idea for some time with your special somebody, you definitely won‘t be disappointed by their reaction when you show them the yacht they‘re about to board for a sunset cruise.

Of course, we‘re not suggesting you rent the entire thing for just you and another person, no matter how special they are. However, here at Cruise Newport Beach, we offer a number of packages that allow you to split the price with a number of other people.

Don‘t worry; it can still be plenty romantic, especially when the sun starts going down. Even if you‘ve seen a Newport Beach sunset before, nothing compares to viewing it from a yacht next to your loved one.


When people think of yachts, they almost always immediately think about a monstrous price tag too. Obviously, there‘s a good reason for this. The smallest tend to cost at least a million dollars and they quickly go up in price from there.

Even when it comes to renting a yacht, many people assume the cost is too much for them to afford. While it depends on the yacht you want, how long you want it for and what season you‘re renting during, our prices are very reasonable.

You also have options for bringing that price down considerably. For example, invite as many friends as you like (our boats can fit up to 149 people) and split the price. This will quickly drop the total.

Otherwise, as we mentioned above, just share the cruise with others. There is plenty of room for you and your friends to spread out and have fun, yet the cost will be much more affordable.


Unless you know what you‘re doing, taking a boat out in the Pacific Ocean can be dangerous. The ocean is pretty unpredictable, even when you remain relatively close to shore. If you want to go farther out into the ocean, you really have to know your sailing or you could end up in serious trouble.

When you rent one of our yachts, you don’t have to worry about driving. We always provide a professional to take care of that for you. All you need to do is enjoy yourself.

A boat this big is also extremely stable. This isn‘t the type of boat where there‘s much risk of people falling over the side because of an unexpected wave like what sometimes happens with smaller speed boats.

Thinking of size, the proportions of a yacht mean that the ride is extremely smooth. While this may not relate to a safety issue, it means that most people who would otherwise be seasick can finally enjoy the ocean like everyone else.

It‘s a Big Occasion

Big occasions call for big venues. Maybe it‘s an anniversary, a retirement party or some other type of celebration where simply having loved ones over to the house or heading to a restaurant wouldn‘t feel like enough.

While promised not to bring up partying in this piece, the reason a yacht is so great for big occasions is because of the prestige associated with them. If there’s someone special in your life who deserves to be pampered a bit on their big day, we recommend surprising them with a trip on one of our beautiful yachts.

You Want to Take a Large Group on the Ocean

Again, we‘re not talking about partying here. Maybe you want to take a lot of people on the ocean for a corporate activity. Perhaps, it‘s for a casual family reunion. There could be all kinds of reasons you want to organize a large number of people in such a way that they can have a bit of fun or at least break away from normal activities.

A yacht will definitely allow you to do this. It‘s also the safest way to take a large number of people onto the ocean. As we already covered, these boats are huge and extremely stable. Up to 149 people can easily enjoy our two decks without any risk of capsizing or otherwise finding trouble on the ocean.

You Want to See Wildlife

Would you love to see a seal up close? What about a whale? A dolphin? If so, you may have thought your only choice was a zoo or SeaWorld. Of course, that‘s not really the same as seeing one of these majestic animals in their natural habitats.

Fortunately, we give whale watching cruises. This often means seeing other native animals like seals and dolphins too. Unlike other cruises of this nature, ours involve the height of comfort. You‘ll have an easy time moving to whichever side of the boat is closest to a surfaced whale, and, again, we have two decks for you to watch from.

You Don‘t Have to Lift a Finger

Never driven a yacht before? Don’t know the area well? Just want to sit back, relax and simply enjoy yourself?

These are all really good reasons to rent a yacht. It’s one of the easiest ways to have a fun, relaxing time because you really don’t have to do much of anything. Our yachts come with experienced captains who know this part of the coast well. We even provide stewardesses to help with things like drink orders and grabbing you food.

Literally, your only concern needs to be enjoying every second, which is extremely easy to do when you’re on a luxury yacht.

Don’t get us wrong, renting a yacht to throw a massive party and really let loose is a very good idea and something we think everyone should try for themselves at least once. However, we’re hoping the above has helped show you that there are plenty of other reasons to claim a yacht for yourself aside from partying on the ocean.


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