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6 Tips for Throwing a Newport Beach Yacht Birthday Party

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If you have a loved one with an upcoming birthday party in Newport Beach, you are definitely not lacking for things to do. However, for a truly memorable time, consider a yacht rental. Here are six ways to make one even better.

Give Your Guest List Plenty of Time

Throwing a birthday party always means inviting guests. If it‘s a private party, you need a guest list and should take your time coming up with whom you‘ll be asking to attend. Most importantly, though, you must give them enough time so that they can plan accordingly.

Of course, they probably know when the big day is, but that doesn‘t mean the corresponding day for the party is something they‘ll automatically have free. It‘s always a shame when you throw a birthday party and your favorite people can‘t attend.

However, that‘s going to be even more frustrating after you charter a nice big boat and notice some glaring absences.

Ideally, give people at least a month. If it‘s going to be in the summer, you‘re better off trying to shoot for six weeks or even more. Summer becomes busy for countless reasons, but this is especially true for those with children, so keep that in mind.

Pick a Theme

To be fair, a yacht rental is sort of a theme in and of itself for a birthday party, so you may not need one. Still, many people like to take things a step further when they have a birthday party in Newport Harbor or down by Balboa.

Nautical themes are always a popular idea for this type of birthday party and it‘s not hard to appreciate why. Other common themes include:

•  Casino Royale
•  Pirates and Buccaneers
•  Masquerade

Just be sure you bring up the theme in the invite as opposed to waiting. Some people secure their yacht rental first, send out invites immediately and then later come up with a theme and try to remind people.

To make sure everyone is notified, but also has enough time to plan their costumes, include it in the invite. You can also have the invite share the theme of the birthday party.

Don‘t Forget About the Music

The good news is that a boat the size of a yacht isn‘t going to lack for hardware when it comes to putting on some music and getting the party started. Guests will be able to hear it no matter where they are. Another nice thing about having a private party on a yacht is that, once you‘re away from Newport Beach, you can play it all you want.

Unfortunately, if you forget the music, you‘re going to be stuck listening to the radio or whoever has the best collection of tunes on their phone.

Put some time into planning out the music you‘ll play. Obviously, you‘ll want to think about whosever birthday party it is and what their tastes are. You should also organize the music so it makes sense for the schedule of your party.

Generally, you want to start off with something a bit mild for the first hour or two. This is when people are getting situated on the charter, getting caught up with friends and typically having conversations that loud music would interrupt.

Once things like the dinner, speeches, etc. are done and you want people to shake a leg, that‘s when it makes sense to play louder music with a lively beat.

Don‘t Skimp on Supplies

Whether you‘re staying outside Newport Harbor or heading down to Balboa, once you‘re on the water, you shouldn‘t plan on being able to return because you ran out of drinks, ice or food.

This is why we suggest planning your birthday party as soon as possible. Once you secure your rental and definitely once you begin hearing back from guests, you need to think about what kind of food you‘ll serve at the birthday party and how many refreshments will be enough.

Nothing kills the glamour of having a private party on a yacht like realizing your guests are going to go hungry or thirsty.

Note: At Cruise Newport Beach, we take care of the food and drinks for you and even provide a full-service staff, so you don‘t have to worry about running out or even having to get up.

Consider Having Some Games

Having a birthday party on a big boat is going to be plenty of fun all by itself and your guests will definitely have plenty to do. That being said, if you want to make sure everyone has a great time and that the energy is always kept up, plan ahead by thinking of some games everyone could play.

Another fun activity is having everyone share a memory about the person the birthday party is for. You can even have them pick from a hat so their story must be “funny“, “touching“, “impressive“, etc.

Make It a Surprise

Finally, charter a rental yacht to sail around Newport Harbor or Balboa and your special someone is going to feel on top of the world. Birthday parties are always great, but doing it on a private boat is simply amazing.

However, if you really want it to be a special night, make it a surprise party. You can tell your loved one that you plan on taking them out to eat in Newport Beach and then bring them to the harbor where a gigantic boat is all decked out and waiting for them with over 100 of their favorite people.

There‘s no doubt that planning a surprise party takes a lot more work and it can be agonizing waiting for the big day, but the results will absolutely be worth it.

Birthday party or not, being on a yacht is something everyone should experience at least once, especially with how beautiful the scenery is around Newport and Balboa. Still, there‘s something truly special about having your own boat for a private party on your birthday. Hopefully, the above has given you some ideas for how you can make this big day even better for your loved one.


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